16 Different Sock Heels

Back at the dawn of Internet Knitting, when Knitty had just started and Livejournal was still a viable internet property, short row heels were all the rage. People loved them. The freedom from flap and gusset heels! The lack of picking up stitches! Such majesty!

Since then the world of sock heels has opened up tremendously. To be clear, these techniques have pretty much always been around, but thanks to the internet we’re able to easily trade ideas and modify patterns to suit our feet. Some people dislike the shallow heel of the short row, some people love the do-it-later aspect of the afterthought heel, and then there are those of us who still knit socks cuff down (gasp!). 

Anyway, the sheer number of choices in heel construction can be intimidating and Ravelry user Taina took the time to knit up sixteen (!!!) different variations for us to oogle. Definitely check it out next time you’re considering a sock project.

For descriptions and instructions for each heel style see Taina's project page

For descriptions and instructions for each heel style see Taina’s project page

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