Monthly Archives: December 2015

Unsung Patterns: Felted Bag Edition

Ravelry has been a huge boon to the fiber community, but sometimes patterns get stuck in a bit of a… Continue reading »

Tips for Successful Sweater Gifting

Did you knit anyone a sweater this holiday season? Did any of them land with more of a thud than… Continue reading »

16 Different Sock Heels

Back at the dawn of Internet Knitting, when Knitty had just started and Livejournal was still a viable internet property,… Continue reading »

Bounce Blanket Kit

I know I’m an absolute sucker for gradients but this Bounce Blanket by Tin Can Knits…. omg. Must. Have. The… Continue reading »

Setting Sleeves with Clover Wonder Clips

I confess that I avoid sweaters with drop sleeves because I hate setting them. Like most knitters I hate seaming… Continue reading »

Official BBC Doctor Who Scarf Pattern

Do you want to spend the next 20,000 hours knitting garter stitch? You’re in luck! Someone has dug up a… Continue reading »

Casey at Ravelry Spills Pattern Sales Stats

Casey stopped by the Designers forum on Ravelry to drop some stats bombs about pattern sales. The data set has… Continue reading »

Cabled Socks Extravaganza

I have to say, I love me some cables. Or at least I love how they look. Usually about halfway… Continue reading »

Double Knit Music Scarf

Reddit user british_spy is obviously some sort of magician, or has made a pact with the devil, because look at… Continue reading »

Tin Can Knits 12 Days of Christmas Free Patterns

It’s time for the annual Tin Can Knits 12 days of Christmas! Every day between now and December 25 they’re… Continue reading »