Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Value of Knitting for an Afghan Refugee

The short documentary Stitches is the story of a man who finds peace in knitting—after establishing a life in exile… Continue reading »

How much does a shopkeeper earn?

Owning a yarn shop is the dream of many knitters. What’s not to love? Spending all day knitting, chatting with… Continue reading »

You can help make the Leave Me Alone Sweater a reality!

A photo of the Leave Me Alone Sweater has been making the rounds on Facebook, and designer Ruth is working… Continue reading »

Hand knit Jared Flood blanket

Giant Umaro Throw

My Christmas gift for my mom this year was a giant lacy throw. The pattern is Umaro by Jared Flood… Continue reading »

Matching Colorwork Hat and Mitts

This year my friend Ayana asked me to knit her the Fightin’ Words mitts for her birthday. Normally I don’t… Continue reading »

Shanell Papp’s Crochet Anatomical Skeleton

You guys LOVE totally grotesque things rendered in fluffy yarn form. Canadian artist Shanell Papp gave an interview about her… Continue reading »

Terrible Ideas: Knitting a (half) Marathon

I’m signed up for they Disney Half Marathon next week in 4 days holy moly. Unfortunately due to injury I… Continue reading »