Adorable Fox Hood for Babies and Adults

Are you ready for the cutest, most adorable thing you have ever seen in your life? Seriously, if you are of childbearing age make sure your ovaries are in their upright and locked position before continuing.

Before we look at this completely adorable fox hood pattern I want to talk to you about babies, and hats. Babies don’t like hats. The second a baby figures out how to touch his or her head, all hats are forfeit. I have never made it more than a block without my daughter reaching up, grabbing her hat, and throwing it on the ground to get run over by the stroller. Immediately after this happens some well-meaning-I’m-sure stranger comes up to me and interrogates me about why my baby is not wearing a hat and what kind of mother lets her baby go without a hat in this weather. At this point keeping my baby hatted is less about her comfort and more about me avoiding nosy neighbors. Which is why this pattern by Muki Crafts is such a great one: it’s a cowl and hat in one, and oh my gee is it adorable.

Are you not squealing with delight?

It’s a hat! It’s a cowl! It’s kind of like a balaclava, but without looking like you’re about to rob a bank! Not only that but the pattern is available in four different languages – English, Spanish, Italian, and French. It’s available in sizes baby through adult, so you can have a whole family of foxes. All the techniques used are fairly basic, making this a good project for an advanced beginner. You’ll need to know how to knit in the round, increase, decrease, knit, and purl. There is also some hand embroidery needed for the nose and whiskers.

Ready to make yours? Here’s what you’ll need:

Get the PDF pattern now!

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