Askew Throw Pillow

I have a lot of throw pillows. Not quite so many that they’re overtaking the couch, but they might be thinking about it. They just come in so handy, and they’re so cute, it’s a dangerous trip down the housewares aisle at Target.

This room may be sparse but at least I’ve got my throw pillows

We got a new couch (woo!) and it needed some throw pillows (yay!) but most of mine were looking pretty sad. A new cover is a great way to update an old pillow, and I wanted something simple that didn’t draw too much attention away from the rest of the room.

A new couch, and old friend, and my daughter

The idea was to use short rows to create a slanted fabric with a nice clean edge, then pick up stitches and work a matching set of short rows for a symmetrical pillow. I started with a small swatch to make sure the seam between the colors looked how I’d envisioned.

The original swatch using some scrap yarn

I really wanted a smooth line that avoided the “stepped” look you get binding off a few stitches each row, and I think the short rows accomplishes that nicely.

Knitting up the pillow case itself went pretty smoothly, I aimed for a finished size two inches smaller than the pillow I was covering so it would be nice and plump.

With the sample pillow done I turned the written pattern over to some volunteer test knitters. These folks graciously offer to try out new patterns, report back errors, and generally give feedback on how the pattern is written.

After a few corrections the pattern was published on Ravelry. Ta-da! A pattern is born!

Purchase Askew Throw Pillow on Ravelry.
Sample knit using 4 skeins of Patons Classic Wool Roving in Teal and Natural.

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