Bunnies, Bunnies it Must Be Bunnies!

I am totally and completely obsessed with the Little Cotton Rabbits series of patterns. I decided last fall that instead of getting my kids a stuffed Easter bunny every year I’d knit them bunnies this year and then make new clothes for them every year going forward. I figure it’s a great way to avoid contributing to the already incredible surplus of stuffed animals in the house as well as an excuse to use up some scrap yarn.

I loved knitting the pattern so much that I convinced my sister-in-law that her two kids also needed knit Easter bunnies. At first she did the usual “oh that’s so much work, you don’t have to do that” which every knitter recognizes as the polite way of saying oh god please not more knit crap. Then she saw the pictures of other finished bunnies and immediately changed her mind.

My nephew, like most 3 year olds, is very into Frozen right now so I made his bunny an Elsa bunny. I extended the basic dress pattern to be floor-length (desk length?) and added a wig made from scrap yarn and felt.

The felt base for Elsa’s wig

Bunny in progress

The pattern isn’t difficult, but it’s small and fiddly so it takes a while. Sewing everything up is definitely the most tedious part for people like me who don’t like seaming. The whole thing is knit flat so there are seams everywhere. After knitting the parts I gave them a quick blast with the steamer, blocked them, and then spent approximately a million hours seaming and stuffing.

Knit bunny

I considered stopping here and just calling it Nearly Headless Bunny

It took a few tries to get Elsa’s hair right, if I ever do a bunny wig again I’ll make sure to have the “scalp” go more down the sides of the head. It’s tacked down with sewing thread, which helped get the shaping right.

The sparkly sheath on the dress is just a rectangle of scrap fabric with a few holes cut in it for the arms.

I’ve got two bunnies left to knit and I’ve definitely picked a favorite yarn to knit the bodies in – Manos del Uruguay Maxima. You can get two bunnies from one skein and it’s so soft and so fluffy!

So yeah, I have a bunny addiction.

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