Cabled Socks Extravaganza

I have to say, I love me some cables. Or at least I love how they look. Usually about halfway through a cabled project I lament my choice, because they takeĀ forever. So huge props to all these folks who managed to knit not one butĀ two cabled socks. I can only assume they did them two-at-a-time, because heaven knows I’d never get to the second one.

Kathinka14‘s Maurice

Photo by revelry user kathinka14

I absolutely love the hand-dyed yarn used in this, it’s subtle enough to let the cabling show.
Photo by Ravelry user kathinka14


Babs12351‘s Sockenstrickereien


Photo by Ravelry user babs12351

This is another great example of using an interesting yarn without overwhelming the pattern.
Photo by Ravelry user babs12351

SCVGirl‘s Yellow Spider Socks


The amount of detail here is just great.
Photo by Ravelry user SCVGirl

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