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Bunnies, Bunnies it Must Be Bunnies!

I am totally and completely obsessed with the Little Cotton Rabbits series of patterns. I decided last fall that instead… Continue reading »

The Disney Waiting Scarf

My plan to knit through the Walt Disney World Half Marathon was abruptly canceled by the Florida weather, which saw… Continue reading »

Hand knit Jared Flood blanket

Giant Umaro Throw

My Christmas gift for my mom this year was a giant lacy throw. The pattern is Umaro by Jared Flood… Continue reading »

Matching Colorwork Hat and Mitts

This year my friend Ayana asked me to knit her the Fightin’ Words mitts for her birthday. Normally I don’t… Continue reading »

My Pattern Writing Adventure

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve published a pattern on Ravelry! It’s a scarf pattern and it’s available as… Continue reading »

The Warm Hug of Repetition

Most of the time when I finish a knit item I feel like that pattern has been checked off my… Continue reading »

Some Holiday Cheer

Last year I was all about some hand-knit holiday decor. Unfortunately I started thinking about my Christmas-themed knitting in December… Continue reading »

Cabled Socks Extravaganza

I have to say, I love me some cables. Or at least I love how they look. Usually about halfway… Continue reading »

Double Knit Music Scarf

Reddit user british_spy is obviously some sort of magician, or has made a pact with the devil, because look at… Continue reading »