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How to Make the Crochet Bobble Stitch (with Pattern Ideas!)

The crochet bobble stitch is a fun novelty stitch you can use to create dimensional texture in crochet. B.hooked Crochet has… Continue reading »

Jogless Stripes

When knitting stripes in the round there is a slight ‘jog’ at the beginning of each round where the color… Continue reading »

16 Different Sock Heels

Back at the dawn of Internet Knitting, when Knitty had just started and Livejournal was still a viable internet property,… Continue reading »

Setting Sleeves with Clover Wonder Clips

I confess that I avoid sweaters with drop sleeves because I hate setting them. Like most knitters I hate seaming… Continue reading »

Beautifully picked up stitches

Picking Up Stitches from a Bound-Off Edge

Many knit patterns require picking up bound off stitches, and few provide any explicit direction for doing so. Over at… Continue reading »

Simple Instructions for Sewing a Button

As someone who loathes the last little bits of finishing a project I have many a button-less sweater. This is… Continue reading »