Giant Umaro Throw

My Christmas gift for my mom this year was a giant lacy throw. The pattern is Umaro by Jared Flood and it’s not quite as intimidating as it looks. It’s knit in Berroco Comfort, an acrylic/nylon blend which is both soft and easy to care for.

The stitch pattern is pretty easy to memorize. I used an entire 10 skein bag of yarn for a blanket that’s slightly smaller than a queen-sized mattress. The yarn is a little splitty, and it was pretty difficult to weave the ends in and have them stay. I think if I did this pattern again I’d pick something with enough wool content to splice new skeins in. I did 13 pattern repeats horizontally and 10 vertically.

I’d definitely knit this pattern again, but I’m not sure I’m gonna be doing something that big any time soon!

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