How much does a shopkeeper earn?

Yarn at The Sheep Shop

Owning a yarn shop is the dream of many knitters. What’s not to love? Spending all day knitting, chatting with knitters, and all the yarn you can knit! The reality, of course, is a lot less dreamy, with many shop owners reporting a lot of long hours and little take-home pay. Anyone who frequents or works at a local yarn store knows it’s a labor of love.

The owner of The Sheep Shop, a yarn store in the UK, opened up her books to show us all just what goes into keeping a store like hers afloat. It’s a reality check for anyone dreaming of opening their own store, and a good reminder for the rest of us of just how much work goes into running the stores we love to frequent.

Source: How much does a shopkeeper earn? | thesheepshop

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