I Swear, Officer, They’re Not Mine

At the beginning of the year I did a huge inventory of all my yarn and set some goals for myself. I was to knit through 2,500 grams of yarn in my stash (representing maybe 20% of my total yarn holdings) and while I wasn’t going cold turkey on new purchases I promised myself to maintain a net decrease in overall yarn.

I set up a spreadsheet to track everything and for a while I was doing good. Really good!

I finished some projects which had been on the needles for years, got my Christmas knitting mostly done by December 1. and knit a whole bunch of mittens for a local charity drive.



Things were going really well. I’ve knit through 2,200 grams of existing stash and at one point my net loss was about 1,500 grams. Which translates to about 15 skeins. Not bad!

Sure, I picked up some stuff here and there. A sweater quantity at Rhinebeck. Some projects needed additional yarn to complete them. The local yarn shop had some really lovely colors of Manos in the clearance bin… then Black Friday happened and I found myself at Michaels picking up acrylic for this huge afghan I’ve been working on for 2+ years. And oh look I have a coupon for 30% off my entire purchase and hey there are some acrylic blends I might like to try out… and I decided I will knit that Gilmore Girls scarf (in Fibre Company Cumbria, in case you were wondering)…


This isn’t even all of it.

And now let’s just say I am no longer “in the black” when it comes to shrinking my stash. I actually have not entered all of this into my spreadsheet yet because I am kind of embarrassed just how far off the wagon I fell. With only 25 days left in the year my chances of finishing out 2016 with less yarn that I started with are approximately nil. Not pictured: the mini-skeins in my advent calendar.

But the blues and greens on the left end there are for my Gilmore Girls scarf, and I think we can all agree that it’s going to look lovely.

Hey! Want more?

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