My Pattern Writing Adventure

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve published a pattern on Ravelry! It’s a scarf pattern and it’s available as a free Ravelry download.

Free Scarf Pattern

The pattern started with a few skeins of hand dyed yarn I wasn’t sure what to do with. A lot of random multicolor yarn ends up as a linen stitch scarf, but I wanted to mix things up a bit. This scarf is knit on the bias using a slipped garter stitch pattern.


The resulting fabric is thick, and has a texture that’s a little bit of a cross between linen stitch and star stitch.

I started by swatching the stitch pattern. The slipped stitch garter pattern is one I had on my short list of stitches to try for a sweater dress I’m working on. The sweater dress pattern is on hold for the moment,  I got a little too frustrated that my swatches were all coming out completely awful.

I dub thee "clown barf"

I dub thee “clown barf”

Ugh, I’m having PTSD flashbacks just looking at that hot mess.


Using multi-colored yarn is always a bit challenging for me. About 80% of the time it pools in ways I don’t like and then I end up hating the thing. Using a slipped stitch pattern helps break up the rows (since the previous color is carried up a row) and alleviates some of my frustrations.

The pattern is written for use with most any yarn weight, from fingering to bulky. Since I only made my version in worsted weight I did some math and some fudging to get the stitch counts for the other versions. Since scarves are not specifically sized I figured a little bit of wiggle in the finished dimensions is fine.

I took some notes while I was knitting the initial scarf, but not particularly good ones. I also made up a few things as I went along. Then when it was done I went back and tried to turn my notes into an honest to god pattern. It went OK, I thought. I sent the pattern to a few friends, and then in a moment of extreme hubris I decided to just upload the thing to Ravelry. I figured if anything was majorly wrong with it I’d correct it in a week or so when one of my friends finished theirs.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw that 69 people had downloaded my pattern in the first day.

I was even more surprised when someone sent me a message on Ravelry to say they were casting on!

I was slightly less surprised to find out the pattern was riddled with errors. Oops.

Thanks to some very patient debugging from that first knitter I have what I think is at least a vaguely coherent pattern.

I’m pretty excited to see what other folks come up with. There is already one Ravelry project with a photo!

Photo by LJArtGlass

Photo by LJArtGlass

Overall I’m really excited to have a [self] published pattern. I’ve got a couple others that I’ve designed for my own use, and the support I’ve gotten for this one has encouraged me to try to write out and publish more.

Hey! Want more?

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