Round Mountain Fibers Studio Expansion

Round Mountain Fibers, an indie dyer located in Vermont, is expanding their studio space! They currently operate out of an incredibly adorable shed + “annex” shipping container, but are looking to move into a space that is 3x larger and has amenities like running water.

ok but seriously, water or not, how cute is this?

Round Mountain Fibers caught my eye because they use 100% US grown wool. The yarn base is spun in Pennsylvania and dyed at their studio in Vermont. They have a beautiful line of acid-dyed wool yarns inspired by the bright colors of nature.

Cecropia Caterpillar by Round Mountain Fibers

What rewards are available?

Backer rewards for this Kickstarter are fairly straightforward. They’re releasing a special Kickstarter colorway (see below), with reward skeins starting at $10 for a 50 gram hank of fingering weight yarn. For hand dyed domestically produced yarn that is a very competitive price.

Round Mountain Fibers’ Kickstarter colorway

Higher backer tiers include gradient sets in both mini skeins ($30) and full 100g skeins ($60) and larger quantities. The price per skein is consistent throughout the backer tiers.

What are the risks for this project? Should I back this project?

Round Mountain Fibers is an established company with over 50 existing wholesale clients, so fulfilling the rewards for this campaign should go fairly smoothly for them. I think limiting the rewards to one colorway was extremely smart of them and will make shipping orders go fairly smoothly.

There is a risk the project will ship late. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to fund a construction project, and construction projects are notorious for running late. That said, this is not the company’s first renovation project. With the experience gained from building out the current space it’s more likely they their time estimates are realistic.

The risks for this campaign are fairly low, and the entry price point of $10 is very reasonable. If you like the Kickstarter colorway you should go for it!

Back “Love Yarn? Help Round Mountain Fibers Build a New Studio!” on Kickstarter.

Full disclosure: I backed this campaign! Aside from that I have no affiliation with Round Mountain Fibers whatsoever.

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