Some Holiday Cheer

Last year I was all about some hand-knit holiday decor. Unfortunately I started thinking about my Christmas-themed knitting in December and therefore finished none of it. This year I was equally delinquent, but I only had last year’s projects to finish so I was ahead of the game!

One of the items I fell in love with was this crochet snowman wreath.


Last winter I got the wreath form and did the crochet around it. Then it sat, lonely and waiting for me to make the snowballs and snowman. I did start the snowman but I’m not particularly adept at crochet and when I picked it up again I had no idea where I was in the pattern. Also the idea of doing all that fiddly little crochet was not at all appealing.

I tried a few experiments with my pompom maker but none of the resulting ‘poms was as dense as I wanted. Then I came across some roving located deep in the back of my stash and decided to try my hand at needle felting.

I didn’t have a ton of roving so I used some oddball yarn that was 100% wool for the “core” of the snowballs and wrapped it in some natural colored yarn. Then I needle felted a thin layer of roving on top of that.

I made the snowman’s carrot nose with some orange roving. The scarf I knit on size 0 needles using some scrap yarn. The eyes and mouth are just bits of black yarn felted in place. Originally I thought he needed a hat, but there isn’t room under the bunting.

The bunting was done on my embroidery machine. I just used the built-in lettering on some polyester felt and cut out triangles around the letters. It’s all strung together on some crochet thread I had in my stash.

To assemble everything I needle felted the snowballs and snowman together and then hot glued everything to the wreath. I think he adds a nice bit of non-denominational cheer to the house!

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