Terrible Ideas: Knitting a (half) Marathon

I’m signed up for they Disney Half Marathon next week in 4 days holy moly. Unfortunately due to injury I can’t run it. And due to some less than awesome new rules this year, I can’t defer my registration. So now I have a bib for a pretty expensive run that I can’t use.

Or can I?

Running is out, but walking is fine. Since I’ve already got my bib I’m going to walk it.

While knitting.

I am not the first person to do this. And I definitely won’t be the fastest (that guy did a sub 4 hour marathon WHILE KNITTING!). In fact there’s a good chance I won’t finish. But I think it will be a lot of fun, and hopefully I’ll make some friends along the way.

I’m not going to try anything fancy, just a basic scarf knit in the round using some of what I already have on hand. I’ve picked out some acrylic, in case it’s raining. I’ve got a little drawstring backpack I can use to carry everything. In all honesty I’m not expecting to make it the whole half marathon… 13 miles is a long time to walk and while I haven’t had any problem walking so far, if my injury starts complaining I’m going to bail.

But if you’re at the Walt Disney World half marathon and you see a lady knitting, say hi as you breeze by!

You have to admit, the Disney medals are pretty sweet.

Hey! Want more?

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