Unsung Patterns: Felted Bag Edition

Ravelry has been a huge boon to the fiber community, but sometimes patterns get stuck in a bit of a feedback loop. Stuff gets popular, its popularity makes it rise to the top of Ravelry searches, and you end up with patterns like Clapotis totally dominating with its 22,255+ projects. Not that these aren’t great patterns, but I want to take the time to shine a light on some nice looking patterns which, quite frankly, aren’t very popular.

If you were a knitter around the turn of the century1 you may remember that felted bags were the thing for a while there. Some of them were nice, and a lot of them look like clown barf, but they were definitely a huge trend. In a fit of nostalgia I’ve dug through the Ravelry pattern database and pulled out some underrated patterns that I think are worth picking up some Cascade 220 and casting on.

Colorful Cabled Bags

I mentioned before that I’ve got a huge thing for colorwork cables right now so it should be a surprise to no one that my first two picks feature those.


Double Twist Handbag by Gwen Bortner


Cotton Candy Bag by Janet Szabo

iPad Carrying Case

This is a really chic looking iPad bag and I love the front pocket, which is made from the gauge swatch. The hardware really makes this bag stand out from the other 8,000 felted iPad sacks on Ravelry.

Felted iPad Carrier by NorthbrooKnits

Felted iPad Carrier by NorthbrooKnits

Cut and Sew Shoulder Bag

This bag uses a technique I don’t see much: a big sheet of fabric is made, fulled, and then cut/sewn into a bag. The result is nice crisp edges and corners that you don’t often see in felted bags.

Sassy Shoulder Bag by Jane Davis

Sassy Shoulder Bag by Jane Davis

All of these patterns have less than 5 projects on Ravelry, and I admittedly haven’t tried them myself so I can’t vouch for their knitworthyness. But sometimes it’s worth it to stray from the popular patterns and try out something new.

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